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How much does a renovation cost?
Ah yes, of course! This is the million dollar question, with a million and one answers.  The cost any renovation is greatly influenced by the scope of work as well as your anticipated finishes.  It is best to connect with us so that we can determine your scope of work and provide you with a renovation budget.
What is the typical duration of a renovation project?
A construction schedule is like a flowing river, always moving, ever changing.  Project duration will vary depending on numerous factors.
It would be best to connect with us so that we can discuss your scope of work to determine your time lines.
What specifics do you require to kick off the project?
Like all things in life, it all begins with a dream.  If you can dream it, we can probably build it.  A clear vision of your future wished position is all we really need to kick off your project. 
Why hire a professional renovation company?
I think Shakespeare said it best… “The course of true construction never did run smooth”.  Or maybe it was someone else, regardless.  It is at these times when a fully licensed and insured renovation company will prove to be invaluable.  EmDub Construction prides its self on providing our clients with a hassle free renovation experience.  We’ll take care of all the speed bumps that might appear throughout the course of construction, while maintaining budgets and schedules.  

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